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Asia Forum’s Inaugural Opening at Future Blockchain Summit 2019

Asia Forum’s Inclusion of Asian Blockchain Businesses and Investors is Expected to Open New Opportunities and Blockchain Developments in the Region

Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, April 2nd & 3rd 2019 — In collaboration with Camelot International Conferences Organizing L.L.C alongside other notable global partners, the Dubai World Trade Centre announces the first ever Asian Forum to be held during Future Blockchain Summit 2019 (FBS 2019), to showcase Asia’s journey in the blockchain industry and Asia’s emerging stance as a strong incubator for blockchain innovation.

BlockBASIC Asia Forum at FBS 2019 will passionately support the growth of Blockchain technology via the connection of ideas with people, an integration of a wide variety of applications and information sources alongside involving entrepreneurial ventures, with the ultimate ambition of catalysing the pace of innovation across Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Security, IoT, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics.

As Asia shows great promise to play a major role in wide-spreading the adoption of blockchain technology, it is crucial to hold BlockBASIC Asia Forum during FBS 2019 so that the region is included in important discussions and future planning. Aligned with Asian governments’ leaning to business-friendly approaches towards blockchain technology, it bodes well for the possibility of blockchain’s future mainstream application and BlockBASIC Asia Forum is expected to cause a reverberating impact on blockchain businesses in the MENA region.

Future Blockchain Summit has enjoyed great attendance rates in previous years, and it is no wonder BlockBASIC Asia Forum and FBS 2019 is expected to attract 14,000 attendees from 130 different countries this year. Attendees are sure to be awed by the number and variety of traditional businesses seeking to align their business processes with blockchain technology.

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Investors and venture capital fund groups have also taken well to the introduction of BlockBASIC Asia Forum at FBS 2019 since blockchain is a new area for investments in Asia. Capital and worldwide blockchain venture builder groups such as Jubilee Capital and BlockON, who have partnered Camelot in bringing BlockBASIC Asia Forum’s concept to Dubai and beyond, so as to connect the Asian Blockchain entrepreneurs and investors, in innovations with the potential to impact industries and compete at the digital edge.

Another highlight of BlockBASIC Asia Forum and FBS 2019 is the expected participation from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Coca Cola, Jubilee Capital, BlockOn, business leaders, venture capitalists, government officials and industry experts who will discuss current and future blockchain implementations and how blockchain technology will positively change current business landscapes at the event.

Other topics that will be covered are ‘STOs: The Next Big Trend in Asia?’, ‘Regulation Landscape and Legal Obligations of Digital Asset Exchanges’ and ‘Blockchain Technology Breakthroughs in Asia’. Such topics will provide participants with an understanding of the ‘Blockchain Future’ and how blockchain-enabled solutions will continue to transform the world.

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