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Bitcoin Debit Cards You Need In Your Life Right Now


There is no doubt that more and more people have started using bitcoin, which is not very surprising either since it makes one’s life a less of a hassle. Think about it. You get to transact online a lot faster. You can make business online with loads of more security. You can even turn your money into a fortune through bitcoins. So, what more could you ask for?

Well, there is this one thing people have always been asking. Apparently, some people think that bitcoin is inaccessible. They feel like they always need to have their laptop with them all the time, or always have access to internet connection to use bitcoin.

It’s good news for people who feels this way because those worries are about to disappear in a bubble. Bitcoin establishments has now come up with a better way for you to access your bitcoin. This new way is not much of a new way, since you’ve been doing it for a long time now.

It’s time for you to meet bitcoin debit cards. That’s right. You heard it correctly. You can now withdraw your bitcoin just like you would your ordinary money.

Here are the debit cards, I was just telling you about:

1. Xapo

Surely, you have heard about this at some point. This is actually one of the better-known debit cards. What’s cool about this card is that you can loads a few dollars in it. Yes, that is right. You heard it right. This debit card is prepaid.

On top of that, you do not even have to withdraw it. If there is something you want to purchase from the mall or store, and then all you have to do is to ask the cashier to swipe your card and then you are good to go.

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2. ANX

Some people wants really good security, and if you are one of them perhaps you want to give ANX a try. You can’t simply register to this debit card. You also have to pass ID security, and they require several government-issued IDs.

3. CoinKite

Some people like staying anonymous online, and if that is you, then there is no doubt that this debit card was meant for you.

The only real downside to this one is you will not be able to purchase directly from stores without withdrawing money because it only works for bitcoin to bitcoin transactions.


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