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About Pledgecamp


On 17th Jan, Genesis C.A.T meetup organized by Genesis group and co-host with LD capital and ChainUP was successfully held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is the 8th station of Genesis C.A.T Global series roadshow after Korea, Japan, the USA, Australia, Russia, Thailand and other countries.


About Pledgecamp

Pledgecamp brings transparency, accountability, and trust to crowdfunding. With the blockchain enabling a decentralized, collaborative crowd, backers can help any idea, anywhere with the confidence that creators will keep their promises.

Until now crowdfunding has mainly been an act of faith — falling in love with a project, putting some financial skin to it, and hoping it will work out. By marrying crowdfunding with the benefits of blockchain, Pledgecamp provides a solution for that imperfect scenario in 5 ways:

  1. Backer insurance:
    Backing a project with your hard-earned money shouldn’t leave you helpless from a financial nightmare. With “Backer Insurance”, backers have the power to hold creators to a higher standard and ensure their money is rewarded with good faith. Creators will have skin in the game to set realistic expectations and remain accountable, even after the funding period is over.
  2. Campaign deposits:
    Before backing a project, you should know exactly what you’re getting into and who you’re jumping into it with. Campaign deposits force creators to put money where their mouths are, and rewards them for providing material disclosures that foster transparency to better protect your money.
  3. Incentivizing collaboration:
    We believe the crowd has much more to offer than just their money and should be rewarded for bringing their skills and connections to the equation. “Pledge Coins” enable automated, blockchain-based payments where users can help the platform grow at the same time as earning tokens themselves.
  4. Decentralization:
    Crowdfunding is at its heart a decentralized system, but currently, it is burdened by centralized parties whose bottom lines consist of generating listing fees regardless of the ultimate success of the companies. Combining crowdfunding with the decentralized nature of the blockchain will allow users to participate in and shape the network according to their needs and priorities, and scale without centralized constraints.
  5. Industry experience:
    As experienced crowdfunders ourselves and among the top 1% most-funded teams on Kickstarter after four successful projects, we know what tools work and which are missing from the current solutions. We will supply the tools and the marketplace the services and information creators need to succeed. For pros and first-timers alike, data-driven Automation, Advanced E-commerce, Analytics, and Data Management integrations will help creators build and optimize their campaigns.
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About Pledgecamp in Southeast Asia

While the Pledgecamp team has a track record of success in Silicon Valley and the USA, we realize that a global view is necessary for the success of a crowdfunding project, especially one rooted in the decentralized nature of blockchain.

Southeast Asia in particular is primed for explosive growth, both from government investments into technology and from a youthful, highly educated workforce providing cutting-edge tech talent.

Our aim is to not only harness the talent and enthusiasm for blockchain and fintech startups here, but to attract entrepreneurs of all kinds who will use crowdfunding in the future to secure initial funding and market their products on a global scale.


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