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Samsung Adds New Dapps to its Wallet Store



  • Samsung adds 12 new dapps on its Blockchain specific – KeyStore
  • Samsung now boasts a total of 30 dapps on its KeyStore
  • More dapps announced for the months to follow

One of the world’s
largest smartphone maker, Samsung has added 12 new decentralized apps
(dapps) to its mobile wallet marketplace, the Samsung Blockchain Keystore.
Almost half of the new dapps are gaming titles. With these new additions there
are now 30 dapps available on the Keystore. Samsung is keen to add more in the months ahead.

Among the most famous
games are additions like the Ethereum fame Crypto Kitty, Coin Duck, Engine
Wallet, Exfinity, and CryptoDozer among others.

The Blockchain
applications feature was first added in the latest version of Samsung’s
flagship series, the S10. S10 came with a full packed cryptocurrency and
blockchain application set by including a wallet, compatibility with dapps and
a huge memory. So far, the reviews for the device have been quite uplifting,
and its looks like if Samsung continues to roll out similar features in the
rest of its mobile phones, it will be on the path to reclaim its lost fame.

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