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EOS Shines as Chinese Crypto Ranking Update Comes Out



  • THE CCID of China has published its latest
    Blockchain Ranking Update
  • The paper still put EOS at the top, showing
    its confidence on the project
  • Even though the paper could be biased, it
    still shows the increasing acceptance of China towards Blockchain and

The Chinese
CCID Research
Institute has published its 14th update of cryptocurrency rankings, which gives
each Blockchain project a separate score based on its technology,
applicability, and creativity. The new list features 37 coins. The total number
of projects ranked has grown to 37, with two projects added since the last
rankings in May.

The CCID describes
itself as “a first-class scientific research institution directly under the
administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of
China.” They explained that the evaluation model used has not changed and the
projects are still being evaluated overall as well as in three other areas:
Basic Technology, Applicability and Creativity.

shown in the table, EOS led with 151.8 points, a score that is slightly lower
than the previous one of 153.1. Tron displaced Ethereum to claim the second
position with 141.0 points. Ethereum conceded to Tron dropping to the
third position with 135.8 points.

has made it clear that it wants to have a dominant role in the Blockchain
industry even though Bitcoin remains officially banned in the communist

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