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Why Bitcoin is Considered As The Almost Perfect Currency


There are still loads of wrongs in this world, but we are one step ahead in formulating a perfect society. This world may not be great. This world may not be what we call a perfect world, but we have “bitcoin”.

This is not to say that bitcoin is avowed to be the ideal money. However, you have to agree that it is near perfect.

There is literally nothing wrong with our ordinary fiats. They’re awesome, however we can’t deny that there are holes.

Fortunately, bitcoin could fill in those holes. Here is a wrap up of how awesome bitcoin is.


So, what in the world is fungibility?
This means that you can convert bitcoin into any other currency, just as you can with other fiats.

How about we take a 5-dollar charge for instance. On the off chance that you have five bucks in your pocket and need it changed to euros, at that point you should simply go to a money trade establishment and they will take care of your needs.

Bitcoins are regularly used to buy stuff on the web but you can also have it exchanged for physical money. You can change over it to a dollar, euro, riyal, or whatever money you need.


Well, obviously, you need to carry your money wherever you go because if it is only going to stay in your room then it will be of no use to you.

But there is no denying that when people carry their money all the time, they are made susceptible to theft. So, how do people deal with that? They just have to be careful. That is all they can do, but when you have bitcoin, you have nothing to lose. No thief can take it away because it is digital.

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Real cash can be pirated. Pirating money can easily be done just by printing a few fake bucks that looks like the real thing.

That is something you can never do with bitcoin. Bitcoin is bitcoin. Certain hackers can work their way to steal your bitcoin, but there is no way they can make copies of it.


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