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2 Things You Are Getting Wrong About Bitcoins


There are people who are not very comfortable with change. So, when they first heard about bitcoin, they just assumed that it was just some fad that is just going to go away soon.

It’s sort of a habit of most people. When they hear of something new, they immediately assume that they already know all about it, when as a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite. People who have actually started using bitcoins know how valuable and useful it is, but as for those who has not decided to give it a try just yet, then they do nothing but make random guesses about it.

Well, today is the day for you to stop making these theories and actually start learning more about bitcoins. To start you off, here are some of the things you have gotten wrong about bitcoin.

1. They Don’t Have Value

Many people say that bitcoin is nothing but a scam. They do not believe that they can actually make money from it.

They may be right about that one. There is no way you are going to make money out of bitcoins because bitcoin is already money.

Bitcoin is the world’s main digital currency. It is the digital version of money. Alright, but there is still one question remaining: How did bitcoin earn its value?

Bitcoin earned its value the same way actual money earned its value: through the law of supply and demand.

Bitcoin started out as no value, but as soon as people recognized its usefulness, the demand for it kept on going up, along with the price.

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2. Bitcoin is Illegal

Apparently, there are people who thinks that bitcoin is some kind of cheat to steal money. Bitcoin is nothing but a mere solution to a mathematical problem. So basically, what people are thinking is, bitcoin is just some kind of hacked money.

It is true that some people can use bitcoin to participate in their criminal activities, but that does not necessarily mean that bitcoin is not real money. You can use bitcoin to purchase stuff online and on stores that accept bitcoin as payment. On top of that, you can also convert your bitcoin into the currency that you use.

There are many things that you desperately need to know about bitcoin, but the two items above are the most basic. The sooner you absorb the information above, the sooner you will be ready to face more.


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