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Bitcoin ATM’s see Historic Rise



  • In light of recent bullish signs, the number of Bitcoin ATMs
    worldwide has gone up by at least 5 times
  • This translates to 5 new Bitcoin ATMs opening up each day
  • USA still leads the chart by boasting at least 2200 of the 5000+

In light of the current crypto-climate, the
number of Bitcoin ATMs world wide as estimated by CoinATMRadar has reached 5,457. This number is up 500% since September 2016. As
per the data accounting for the number of Bitcoin ATM installed from 2016 to
2019, a total of 757 ATMs were installed as of 2016 when compared to the
several thousand installed in 2019 alone.

A Bitcoin ATM is much like the traditional ATM
that dispenses fiat currencies where you use your debit card to withdraw USD,
EUR, INR etc. A
notable aspect of these ATMs is that they allows you to buy/sell bitcoins
anonymously. No KYC or AML is required to transact using a Bitcoin ATM which
means it is actually a very good way to secure your identity and privacy.

Increasing competition in the BTM (Bitcoin ATM)
market is likely to reduce the fees charged to users, which tend to be
noticeably higher than online alternatives. 

To complement the news, Bitcoin ATM start up Coinme
raised $1,500,000 to set up ATMs all over the world. We are bolstered by this
vote of confidence by Ripple and Blockchain Finance Fund in our vision and the
exciting opportunity to provide access to digital currencies for millions of
people around the world,” Neil Bergquist, co-founder and CEO of Coinme,
said in a press

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