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China Seems to be Extremely Bullish on Blockchain



  • China’s Xi Jinping made a press announcement appreciating the effect
    of Blockchain
  • He stressed that China already has a solid foundation to build on
    when it comes to blockchain

In the
same week that the United States Congress queried Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
on the motive of his company to launch a blockchain-based digital currency,
China President Xi Jinping has adopted a different approach to his American

made the remarks in a meeting with the political bureau of the party’s Central
Committee. The meeting is part of a workshop series held regularly by the
Central Committee and Thursday’s workshop aimed at learning the current state
and future development of blockchain technology. This is presumably the first
time the party’s central committee collectively studied blockchain.

President also gave attention to how China can promote research into blockchain
technology and the numerous real-world cases where it could find applications,
including the country’s banking and financial system.

to Mark Zuckerberg’s statement abut China lead, China has also been researching
and developing its national digital currency for almost five years and is
“ready” to launch it in the near future. This would certainly
put the US Law makers to consider Mark’s words about Libra’s adoption.

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