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Fintelum – compliant token launch platform is ready for business


February 2019 – Managing Director Liza Aizupiete, with her long-time team members have completed development of a token launch platform, providing an ICO/STO toolkit that allows businesses to raise funds via token sale. 

Fintelum team created a professional token launch platform. It delivers some of the most crucial functions for a crypto/fiat crowdfunding campaign. The Fintelum platform is a KYC/ AML profiling and ongoing compliance toolkit. It incorporates exchange grade co-custodian wallet functions and security/utility Ethereum blockchain based token creation. 

To serve the security token industry, Fintelum acts as a transfer agent. It is also able to provide secondary token OTC exchange desk functions, with ongoing corporate action services. For utility token industry, Fintelum provides a full scope of compliance services. Thus, enabling more efficient access to global banking, token listing, and liquidity services for the issuers.

In August of last year, Fintelum was licensed by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The license allows Fintelum to provide services in compliance with the EU AML laws. 

Fintelum’s campaign, #TokeniseYourAssets, intends to raise awareness about crypto crowdfunding. It targets businesses and startups on benefits of tokenising assets via a token sale process. The intention is to provoke change in the financial markets industry. Fintelum business is promoting tokenisation as an alternative form of capital raising. 

“By advancing tokenisation of assets and businesses, we are precipitating the change in the capital markets and financial industry as a whole”, Liza Aizupiete, Managing Director of Fintelum. 

For individual and institutional investors, Fintelum is an operator of a compliant crypto crowdfunding platform. There, participants are on-boarded and continuously served. The ongoing services include: security token transfer agency; secondary token OTC exchange desk, as well as ongoing corporate action services. 

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For token issuers, Fintelum is a comprehensive ICO/STO token launch platform. Issuers enjoy a suite of services, such as: smart contract creation; AML/KYC; dashboard and data access; escrow/custodian functions; and ongoing corporate action services like announcements, voting and dividend distribution. 

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