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The Current State of Cryptocurrency Mining


The initial boom period of the cryptocurrency market is never coming back, and many people are deeply nostalgic for it. And with good reason – even though it was the “Wild West” of cryptocurrencies, it was also a lot of fun for everyone involved. There was also still a huge potential for those who wanted to trade, mine, and develop new coins and protocols. Now, after the dust has settled, everything is very standardised and streamlined, and getting started can be a challenge in itself. This is especially true when it comes to fields like mining, which are currently dominated by large-scale factories in places with cheap electricity rates. But not all hope is lost – if you play your cards right, this can still be a lucrative field.

It Still Works, But Requires a Careful Approach

Cryptocurrency mining is still a viable option for those with a little upfront capital, but you need to scout out the market and pick your currencies carefully. Forget about Bitcoin – pretty much no individual can profit from that field anymore. The same can be said for many other major projects with several years of established presence. But the growth of coins like Ethereum in the last few years, and the rise of various new projects on the horizon, mean that the opportunities are still there – they have just shifted over to other areas of the market.

Optimising All Your Costs is a Must

You can’t just install a miner on your desktop PC and leave it running overnight. Not anymore – that approach might have been viable in the early days of Bitcoin, but it will result in a net loss these days. You need two important factors: quality mining rigs, and access to cheap electricity. Setting up an official business for your mining activities can be beneficial in both regards, especially in the latter. You can take advantage of sites like https://www.utilitybidder.co.uk/ to compare rates on business energy suppliers like Total Business Energy, ensuring that you’re paying the smallest possible price for each kWh. A difference of even half a cent can quickly add up at the scale of some operations.

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Don’t Overinvest

Remember that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and keeps shifting all the time. New coins come and go, various new technologies are developed to assist traders in their activities, and of course, computers keep getting more powerful and cheaper too. All of this means that you should be careful. Even a seemingly stable situation can change literally overnight. Putting all your eggs in one basket is generally a bad idea when it comes to finances, but it goes double when you’re dealing with cryptocurrencies.

All that said though, the most important factor is still there: the crypto market is still very fun to participate in. Even if it takes some time to get off the ground and start profiting, the journey itself is something that you’ll never regret, especially if you have an inclination for technology to begin with. And there are various indicators that cryptocurrencies are going to become even more important in our lives not too long from now. 

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