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Sony Financial Ventures Capitalizes in a Cryptocurrency Startup


USA – A cryptocurrency startup announces that it protected a tactic fundraise from SFV GB L.P. Moreover, the funds are managed by Global Brain and Sony Finance Ventures (SFV).

In 2019, Securitize developed BUIDL to infiltrate Japanese market. The startup has been creating waves due to its essential technology. Also, it caught the devotion of tech tycoons and corporations.

The investment is Securitize’s extension on its latest financing round, which upraised over $14 million from supporters. Some of the backers include MUFG Innovation Partners, Santander InnoVentures, and Nomura Holdings. Furthermore, depositors such as Blockchain Capital are also covered. Moreover, the new capital infusion from the undertaking capital arm of Sony Financial Group marks the latest Securitize authorization, along with its fundamental technology.

Securitize was founded by Carlos Domingo, Shay Finkelstein, Tal Elyashiv, and Jaimie H. Finn in 2018. It provides trusted international solutions for making virtual compliant securities. The agreement platform and procedure provide a confirmed solution for security tokens or digital securities. The ground-breaking DS protocol of this startup has the peak adoption rate in the business. It also allows fully-compliant exchange on numerous markets concurrently. Moreover, Securitize-powered cryptocurrencies are exchanging internationally on public markets with several in the channel.

As per Carlos Domingo, the CEO and Co-Founder of Securitize stated that they are delighted to include Sony Financial Ventures as a tactic depositor in Securitize. He also said that the deposits authorize Securitize as one of the essential digital capital market architects while adding another marquee name to a developing company list who are depositing in virtual securities as the imminent of international capital markets.

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According to Junji Nakamura, Securitize is proficiently leveraging blockchain technology. It’s to establish new asset sessions with amazing abilities. Moreover, the director said that they are enthusiastic about taking on the challenge and develop a new value together.

The investment indicates the developing interest of Japan in virtual securities. MUFG formed a 220-company research group to discover the utilization of security tokens and blockchain for automatic safeties settlement. Furthermore, it obtained a seven-figure total investment from SBI investment, which is the asset supervision subsidiary of SBI Holdings, in November.

Other backers’ Securitize confirms the transformative probability of Tokenization for securities and purpose in capital markets. The firm kept additional tactical investment from Global Brain, 31 Ventures by Mitusi Fudosan, Xpring by Ripple, KDDI Open Innovation Fund, and Coinbase Ventures.


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