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DX.Exchange Fixes Security Vulnerability That Exposed User’s Data


Users of the recently-launched DX Exchange were warned of some major security issues with the platform, just days after it went live.

The security bugs which was discovered by an online trader who requested that his identity is kept secret managed to collect over 100 JSON Web Tokens that could have resulted in the access of their corresponding user accounts.

The DX.Exchange have come out to inform their users that the potentially serious security issues have now been patched and all bugs fixed.

As per the company’s blog, DX.Exchange has successfully patched and shut down a security vulnerability, resulting from an authentication token error.

“We would like to thank the vigilant reporter, and our supportive community, who together, brought this issue to our attention. We are happy to report that the vulnerability has been successfully patched, and no user funds were compromised,” said Daniel Skowronski, CEO of DX. Exchange in the blog.

DX.Exchange also confirmed it now has a bug bounty program where developers can report bugs and “receive discretionary compensation.”

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