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Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction 2019/2020


Making money off of any market is as much a matter of timing as it is knowing what you’re investing in and how it turns you a profit. The waters are even murkier when it comes to cryptocurrency investing. Not only are these markets brand new but also they’re hard for the layman to get a grasp on how they function and make money. 

Of course, if you could predict the future with certainty you wouldn’t need an article discussing possible price fluctuations in an investment. Buy low, sell high is the typical maxim but that is often easier said than done. Since you don’t have magical powers or a crystal ball, you have to use the next best thing: Information.

Specifically, you are thinking aboutCardano and you want to know everything there is to know about the cryptocurrency platform and whether or not it is the right investment for you. Don’t worry – in this article, we’ll give you background information on Cardano as well as some predictions from well-known analysts about where it could go in the near and long term. 

This should help you not only understand Cardano as an investment but also clarify whether or not you want to invest in the platform. 

Predicting Cardano’s Future Price : Background


First, a little background information on the Cardano cryptocurrency. 

Co-founded in 2015 by Ethereum guru Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is a public blockchain currency that runs smart contracts through an open source distributed computing platform. The platform is named Cardano after the mathematician and its cryptocurrency coin, the Ada, is similarly named after a famous academic in the field of mathematics.

Cardano combines the functionalities popularly found in BitCoin and Ethereum into one platform. There is a settlement layer and a contract layer, with the Ada cryptocurrency being on the settlement end of things and the contract layer working similarly to the way Ethereum works. The second layer is a computational layer that powers smart contracts and allows for applications that are designed to use the Cardano platform to run. 

Instead of a proof of work system used by many cryptocurrencies (which accounts for a lot of their power consumption), Cardano operates by a proof of stake system. Bitdegree says that Cardano’s improvements over Ethereum make it a, “scalable, interoperable 3rd generation blockchain.”

Though it began development in 2015, Cardano didn’t launch to the market until October 2017 on Bittrex. The price of Cardano’s crypto, Ada, has fluctuated from as little as .02 at its launch to as a high $USD 1.21 in January of 2018. This represented a market cap gain from .56 million to $USD 31 billion at its height. Most of these impressive gains were wiped out by the general decline in the cryptocurrency market experienced throughout 2018. 

Often past performance is one of the best predictions of future behavior. But, since the market for crypto investing is so young, it wouldn’t be wise to apply this axiom here.The past is the past and you’re interested in the future value of Cardano.

Here’s what analysts are predicting Cardano and its coin Ada will do in 2019.

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Predicting Cardano’s Future Price: Cardano 2019 Value


Strict technical analysis of a crypto coin’s future price tends to rely upon its past behavior. This is the standard that many people often use for other securities and investments. Like we discussed above, it is difficult but not impossible to apply this analysis to cryptocurrencies – it just might not give you the full picture you need to make a decision.

BitDegree cites technical analysis of Cardano’s coin Ada from Walletinvestor.com which predicts that the 2019 value of Ada will reach $0.418. 

Moving beyond a strictly technical analysis, however, and we begin to see a different side of Ada’s future value. Technical analysis does not take into account factors such as the technology’s efficiencies, the team behind it, or the potential it has a blockchain platform. Because cryptocurrencies often derive a lot of their value from these potentialities, a strictly technical observation of any cryptocurrency’s past behavior may not yield the best picture of its future. 

The one conclusion that we can take from Walletinvestor.com’s projections is that the outlook, from a technical standpoint, is optimistic with regard to Cardano and 2019.

Predicting Cardano’s Future Price: Beyond Technical Analysis


Moving beyond a strictly technical analysis of Cardano’s price in the future, we can then begin to look at the other factors, both tangible and intangible, that will begin driving the coin’s value in the near future. Smartereum.com is one website which looks at the value of cryptocurrencies with an eye towards the future that incorporates some of the aspects that a strictly technical analysis might miss.

We won’t bother to keep you waiting: Smartereum.com’s predictions are rosey indeed – Cardano should rise to a value of $2.50 by the end of 2019 according to their research.This prediction rests on three main factors: A strong technical team underpinning the cryptocurrency, technology that offers clear market advantages, and an open-source platform. 

Smartereum.com and Walletinvestor.com aren’t the only websites offering optimistic outlooks for Cardano in 2019. Oracletimes.com’s own Pedro Bernardo expects the currency to hit $1.50 in 2019 at minimum. His projections rely upon Cardano’s expansion of the Ada cryptocurrency into Japan where it is expected that there will even be Cardano-powered ATMs doling out fiat currency in exchange for Ada. A lot of this information, however, concerns Cardano’s short-term prospects. What about the long-term viability of Cardano in the super competitive crypto market?

After all, not everyone is a short-term investor. If you plan on holding Cardano for the long term, you would probably like to get some idea of where it is headed after it achieves its heights in 2019. For this next level of analysis, we turn more to the intangibles we discussed earlier. Naturally, since these are predictions somewhat far out into the future, relying upon these factors rather than a rather short market history makes more sense.

Predicting Cardano’s Future Price: The Future of Cardano’s Value Long Term


There is a technical way to value Cardano for the long term, so our projections will include both types of research. It’s just that non-technical research in this area tends to lend to greater optimism.

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That said, the technical projections for Cardano’s long-term value see the Ada crypto settling in at $USD 1.89 past 2019. This analysis is courtesy of Longforecast.com. Though the expected growth is not as much as some would like the technical analysis still lends itself to an argument for optimism where Cardano is concerned. 

Smartereum.com’s future value of Cardano takes into account the intangibles we talked about earlier. They see Cardano’s Ada crypto coin coming in at $USD 10 in the future. That’s not only a great prediction, but it is highly aggressive as well. What underpins this assessment?

Smartereum.com looked at Cardano’s underlying technology as well as the team helping to execute on that tech’s promise. What they found was that, if Cardano can succeed in its two-pronged approach, the market for a coin that combines the functionality of BitCoin with Ethereum’s contracts could be a dominant player in future crypto markets.

This is because Cardano is not only efficient but also combines the best of the two biggest platforms in cryptocurrency. Special attention is being paid to Cardano’s ability to execute smart contracts. Whether or not the market potential of blockchain technologies to realize these efficiencies will arrive in the future or not remains to be seen, but pricing it into the future value of Cardano makes sense. If blockchain and smart contracts take off in even the smallest way, Cardano’s value could skyrocket. 

The cautious and wise investor would look at the area in between the technical analysis and the aggressive outlook offered by the more comprehensive, though less concrete, analysis of Cardano. All of this leads you to ask the most important question of all: Should I buy Cardano now, wait, or not even get involved at all?

For every investor, there are different considerations at play. In the next section of this article, we will give you some things to consider that should help you make a decision. Whether or not you invest is up to you, but we think there are certain trends that point one way more than the other. 

Predicting Cardano’s Future Price: Investing in Cardano, Buy Now or Wait for Later?


The question of Cardano being a solid investment or not is really up to the individual investor more than anyone else. Particularly over 2018, the market experienced intense volatility that limited the prospects for some coins and even dented optimism in the medium as a whole. That sentiment seems to be receding as optimism returns to replace it but, still, whether or not you invest in a cryptocurrency is largely up to your financial position at the time. 

Buying and holding Cardano might be the best strategy overall. This is because Cardano rests its viability on multiple offerings instead of just one mastery. Cardano seeks to both revolutionize contracts and currency at the same time. Analysts are optimistic about its future even in a time of generally depressed views on many crypto platforms. 

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The reason we recommend buying (and holding) Cardano is that the team behind it is not only one of the best in the industry but also has bold plans to make Cardano a one-stop shop for users. Not only are they offering a custom wallet for the coin but also they are expanding its applications in real-world contracts. While Bitcoin has made headlines month after month for its ability to replace fiat currency, Cardano has its sights targeted on contracts and fulfillment – the largest area of potential growth for blockchain in general.

As a flexible platform that is capable of handling multiple segments, Cardano presents a unique opportunity for crypto investors. A major reason for this is that Cardano is not only secure but it is also scalable. This means that the platform can accommodate ever increasingly larger amounts of users and contracts. Because of its proof of stake system, instead of a proof of work standard, Cardano also consumes less power compared to its rivals. Enjoying efficiencies in usage and in processing, Cardano’s tech is novel, secure, and filled with potential. 

In terms of reasons an investor may want to wait a while on Cardano mainly centers on the currency’s relative youth and the market’s volatility over the past year. 

After enjoying record highs in 2017, Bitcoin’s collapse in 2018 did little to help other platforms like Cardano make headway. Many are bullish about 2019’s prospects for crypto investors but there still remains a hint of caution in the air about everything. Such a climate makes it especially tough for unproven quantities like Cardano. That said, there is a lot of potential in the crypto platform and that’s what investors tend to bank on more than any one thing. Making a bet on Cardano is not only betting that it could potentially rise in value through its crypto coin Ada, but also that blockchain technology in general will grow in prominence and relevance in the future. 

Getting in at the right time is as much a part of making money as anything else. Because the cryptocurrency world is still in the beginning in so many ways, it is tough to advise someone that they should not invest and should, instead, potentially miss out on huge returns simply because something is not proven. Those investors that love to be at the forefront of a movement and are keen on being seen as the savviest in the room are looking at cryptocurrency as a way to not only balance out their portfolios but also to help them achieve amazing returns on their investment as well. There is a reason for this, and it is perhaps good enough reason for you to invest in Cardano now while the platform is still in the early days.  

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