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Tron Breaks Out to the Top



  • Tron has recently emerged as the top dapp platform
  • Usually toppers EOS and Ethereum as seeing consistently low usage
    and volume
  • With the most number of active projects and new usage coming in
    everyday, Tron is gaining good momentum

The Tron Foundation, headed by Justin Sun, the
controversial CEO in town, announced yesterday that the blockchain had finally
surpassed 600 decentralized application or dapps on the platform. Tron has
become the second dapp platform after EOS to surpass this number, leaving
giants such as Ethereum far behind.

With the increased applications running on the
Tron blockchain, the total number of transactions has surpassed 720 million, a
number unheard of until yesterday in the blockchain space. Tron also has the
highest total volume of trade when compared to Ethereum and EOS. The network
has a volume of over $78 million USD, while EOS has $46 million and ETH has
only $38 million.

Al this can be attributed to the recent adoption
drive initiated by Tron under Justin’s leadership. The BitTorrent acquisition
and the subsequent announcement of the BitTorrent Token (BTT) and applications
such as BitTorrent Live have brought in a lot of attention to the platform.

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