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Custom Coin revolutionizes the construction industry


Brief introduction to Custom Coin and the decentralized platform

Custom Coin offers a decentralized ecosystem of work interaction. A platform whose spinal cord is in the Ethereum blockchain. The project, that gets to the market from Switzerland, offers a management ecosystem for all kinds of entrepreneurs, both the most expert and the new entrepreneurs who join the sector. It is a decentralized marketplace and has a p2p assistance center where we can find all kinds of tools and features. In a digital ecosystem designed for quick management, collaboration and other activities, the new digital universe is connected to traditional physical sectors.

For a starter entrepreneur in online commerce operations, the Custom Coin platform is a remarkable resource. The various functionalities allow managing the entire negotiation cycle with clients. From a client search interface to contracts signed digitally, the platform provides enough tools to offer loans once digital contracts are signed. In terms of internal business management, we can find a complete ecosystem of attention to the entrepreneur.

The panel consists of an innovative assistance feature, counseling directly on the purchase and rental of necessary tools and equipment. Facilitating that new entrepreneurs obtain what is necessary to achieve their success is the key. Therefore, the main difference with respect to other platforms is the possibility of obtaining loans for building materials, equipment and machinery.

The steps to follow proposed by the team in the Custom Coin roadmap

Recently the main team announced the opening of an STO offer. The offer is based on raising funds for a stable cryptographic token (Stablecoin). The stablecoin is CHFT, which will be pegged with the Swiss franc value and which will also be the backbone to the Custom Coin platform. This step is very important, providing the necessary tools for the stability of the entire ecosystem.

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The platform, 100% compatible with Ethereum, includes 3 components, which will be put into operation in a logical and constant evolution. As it is and will be described in this article, the first component is a platform for the contractor and the customer. To offer a complete system of interaction, management and purchase-sale of works, component number two is important. A cryptographic exchange to facilitate the exchange of fiat currency, as well as cryptocurrencies; a very necessary point taking into account the international scope of the project. As a colophon and component number 3, the project aims to ultimately establish a cryptographic bank. This would complete a fair and tailored digital economic circle, freeing the sector of intermediaries and bankers.

Transparency is the key to success in the Custom Coin trading platform

On the other hand, the fact of trading and contracting online requires some kind of oracle; in order to monitor the actions of the parties and ensure compliance with the agreements. Therefore, in this sense, a system has been created to monitor compliance with the contract conditions. In terms of support and fulfillment, the Custom Coin ecosystem platform offers an exchange of jobs and services for companies, and order delivery for the investor. CustomCoin Platform is an excellent tool to facilitate and manage the search, selection and payment of building services and other additional services.

Literally, new entrepreneurs are just a few clicks away from getting information about the services they need, the cost and time of work. Detailed information that has traditionally required slow and expensive advice. Using the platform implies total transparency, immediate management and p2p transactions through blockchain technology. In a digitalized environment, the progress of the most successful entrepreneurs is accelerated with the right decisions and tools. From the documentation of Custom Coin, the intentions of the founding team are expressed transparently:

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“The idea is to launch a large-scale project to create a platform, based on blockchain technology; to link all the participants in the construction business of the countries of the European Union”. Custom Coin Team

The industry digitization is being accelerated with platforms such as Custom Coin & its marketplace

As a platform for construction companies in Switzerland, the objective is to interconnect participants in the industry. Streamlining, digitizing and modernizing construction companies is vital for the non-exclusion of the sector. The most reputable trading platforms have digitized their systems. At the same time, Custom Coin offers to be part of the digital era and start the experience in a few minutes. Connecting clients with contractors facilitating operations with crypto liquidity has never been so simple. Based on previous studies of the sector, the founding team proposes the following:

“To take a leading position in the market, we conducted extensive market research and proved that 90% of small and medium-sized companies need additional financing in the initial stage of development.” Custom Coin Team.

 The platform will be able to give a loan for construction works. The guarantee for Custom Coin will be a deposit of 15 %, as well as the existence of a contract between the parties.

Main features inside the contractor / client platform

In the environment described above, the potential of the platform is clear. The designed structure of interface allows different options to the users. The Customers Search provides a meeting point that streamlines the interaction of the parties. Once the initial process is given, the conclusion of the contract is carried out on the platform. The process, due to the transparency of the data between the parties, is considerably simplified. The slow paperwork that decelerates operations which have been practically agreed from the beginning is over. The process is streamlined because all parties interact in real time on the platform.

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Once the agreements have been reached, the possibility of lack of financing by the builder could occur. Granting a loan to start working after the acceptance of the contract is part of the options that are available on the platform, ensuring that liquidity is not a problem.

At a time when the economy is saturated with debt, keeping the inventory of tools up to date is not always achieved. To this end, a very interesting user support feature has been devised. The assistance in the acquisition / rental of the necessary tools and equipment provides stability to the members of the ecosystem. As it is an online platform, there will be an accurate monitoring of compliance with the terms of the contract, thus guaranteeing the health of the ecosystem.

In terms of adoption, the fact that the huge construction industry begins a regular use of cryptocurrencies and tokens will be a push of high caliber. We invite you to comment your opinion or perspective about Custom Coin in the comments below. If you want to check and find out more details about the project and its initial offering visit the following links.

Official links about CustomCoin:
Website CustomCoin & STO – https://ccnowpro.com/
Pitch Deck – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WrDUDOcTXI4aOwUL3CJtsio4DkS287kk
Whitepaper – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hd6SMmCkROokDO4D5HqKjiycEObzHKX4
Telegram group – https://t.me/ICO_CustomCoin_Platform
Twitter CustomCoin – https://twitter.com/CustomcoinP
CustomCoin Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ICOCustomCoin
Instagram CustomCoin – https://www.instagram.com/ico_analysis_customcoin/

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