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SIRIN LABS Unveils FINNEY, The World’s First Blockchain Smartphone


Sirin Labs, the blockchain startup funded by nearly $158 million in initial coin offering (ICO) proceeds, has released its much-anticipated “blockchain smartphone,” the FINNEY.

The smartphone comes with a price tag of $999 and has at its core blockchain technology. Being the first of its kind, it allows users to make full use of dApps as well as the ability to securely store and transact cryptocurrencies.

The firm unveiled the device on Thursday at a release party in Barcelona, which featured presentations from several Sirin executives along with an appearance by football legend and Sirin brand ambassador Lionel Messi.

“Finney is unique and is the only phone with an embedded cold storage wallet. There is nothing else like it on the market.”

SIRIN LABS first announced its plan to create and manufacture the world’s first blockchain smartphone in September 2017 with the vision to bridge the gap between the mass market and the blockchain economy.

Furthermore, the phone will also support token conversion, allowing users to automatically exchange supported tokens.

FINNEY also has a secondary screen, called a “safe screen.” This two-inch screen located on the back of the phone provides a safe way to access the built-in cold storage wallet. It also comes with several features to make it the most secure phone for crypto users.

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