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Decentralized 2019 – Europe’s Premier Conference on Blockchain is Back



  • Decentralized
    – University of Nicosia’s flagship blockchain conference is returning this year
  • Long
    list of established speakers
  • Adam
    Back, Dr. Leeman Baird, Tim Draper, Anthony Lewis among the 80+ speakers at the

Between the
30th of October and 1st of November 2019, Athens will act as venue for the 3rd
season of Europe’s Premier Blockchain get-together, Decentralized – 2019.
It is the biggest name in the crypto and blockchain community world wide,
mostly due to the crowd it attracts from all over. University of Nicosia,
Cyprus will act as hosts to the conference, thanks to their impeccable
expertise with the subject matter.

has established itself as Europe’s premier conference on blockchain and digital
currencies. Decentralized 2019 will bring together the world’s leading business
executives and academic experts to debate current trends and future

What Awaits the

Decentralized franchises has been kicking a lot of pace in its third year.
Decentralized events have brought in much communication and exchange between
participants, with the first one bringing in 700+ participants from 30
countries, while the second one went forward by bringing in at least 1500
people from 50 countries.

This year,
Decentralized goes full mainstream by bringing a line of formidable and
well-known experts from the community. Adam Back, the founder of HashCash and
currently the CEO of Blockstream, will lead the conference as their keynote
speaker. Other keynote speakers include Tim Draper, billionaire founder of
Draper Associates; Anthony Lewis, Director at R3; Dr. Leeman Baird, co-founder
at HashGraph. This list is 80+ long, promising a formidable information
exposure to any participant.

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The conference
will also include two workshops by Corda and Hyperledger. Both workshops, going
on side-by-side, will feature teams from the respective organizations talking
and explaining the capabilities of their products.

But, as most
conference attendees know, the main part is not the conference itself but the
networking. Participants will be exposed to industry leaders and expert
thinker, share their thoughts and make connections to last for their lifetime.

for the conference are done with their early
bird phase and currently in shortage of regular conference tickets. This year
too, University of Nicosia plan to pull it more participants than last time
with its star-studded list.


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