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Bitcoin Scammers Are Threatening to Set Off Bombs Around the World


Multiple fake bomb threats were reported across several countries according to authorities.

These bomb threat e-mails were sent to working individuals, threatening that a ‘mercenary’ has entered their workplace with a bomb. Unless the receivers pay in Bitcoin $20,000 to a given Bitcoin wallet address, the bomb would not be withdrawn. If there are any activities that hint that the receiver has informed the authorities, the explosive will be set off.

The e-mails have been reportedly sent in countries such as the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and potentially other countries. Multiple kinds of workplaces had people receiving the spam-like e-mails, including universities, schools, courthouses and private business firms where a lot of people gather. Some of these workplaces were evacuated upon the receiving of the e-mails.

It is fortunate that after strict monitoring and searching by the police forces of the countries involved, no explosive devices were found, and no actual threats have been discovered for now.

Varying Bitcoin wallet addresses were included in the e-mails, which is a common strategy for cryptojackers to verify which targets have fallen into their trap. It is unclear as of now whether any individuals have actually paid the ransom money.

To prevent the situation from worsening, NCCIC (National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Centre) of the U.S. informed the public that they are aware of the ongoing bomb threat e-mail sending campaign and advised the victims of such e-mails that the only action they should take is to contact the FBI.

Crimes involving crypto have been running wild lately, giving the industry a bad name. This could end poorly for the market by having governments implement strict policies onto the cryptocurrencies or even place bans on them to completely shut down illegal activities connected to crypto.

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