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Submit Your Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Events [A Massive List of Sites]


Do you own a blockchain venture? Crypto events are ideal ways to promote your business. By hosting blockchain events you can help spread the word about what you do and the blockchain technology at the same time.

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology has been in the news very often lately due to its recent exponential growth. More and more people want to understand this technology further and join the revolution.

As a layman, people typically learn about this technology by reading blogs online or watching relevant videos. However, some of the times the information could be misrepresented. Attending blockchain events not only help you understand the technology in a more interactive and authentic fashion directly from the crypto experts, but also provides you with precious networking opportunities with the like-minded individuals or even the major players in the industry.

Today, we have decided to compile a list of sites that you could submit your cryptocurrency / blockchain events. ( Good news is most of them are free ) If you are hosting a blockchain / cryptocurrency event in the near future, the following list might come in handy. Should you have any other sites to suggest, feel free to leave me a message or leave a comment in the section below!

List of Sites To Submit Your Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Events

Note: Cryptoverze also offers free event inclusion in their event database. Kindly contact team@cryptoverze.com for further details.

  1. 1


    • Description: 
      Cryptoverze is a relatively young and growing site that is expanding its presence at a significant rate. It has grown more than 10,000% in terms of its traffic in 2018 alone since it was launched. With a six-figures monthly pageviews by highly targeted and savvy audience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency niche, your events will be getting the attention and exposure it requires and deserves.
    • Pricing:
      Submission of event is free of charge.
    • Link:
      Kindly contact team@cryptoverze.com to submit your blockchain / cryptocurrency event.
  2. 2

    • Description: 
      Coinpedia is striving to become the wikipedia of the blockchain world where you can find the latest and trending blockchain content, new ICOs, press releases as well as blockchain events. You can submit your blockchain event by sending them a email in the predefined format on their website.
    • Pricing:
      Submitting blockchain events is free. However, you will need to add Coinpedia as your media partner. You can do this by listing Coinpedia on your media partner list.
    • Link:
  3. 3

    • Description: 
      This is one of the oldest & most trusted cryptocurrency and blockchain website that requires little introduction. They have an bitcoin / cryptocurrency event list on their websites which you could list your event.
    • Pricing:
      In order to list an event on their website, you will need to contact them via email.
    • Link:
  4. 4

    • Description: 
      One of the most user-friendly website on this list in my personal opinion. It features a few databases, one of which is the event database where you could acquire the details about most of the ongoing or upcoming blockchain events around the world. They offer Event listing services via three different plans.
    • Pricing:
      • Free– Event will be listed in the next 3-7 days
      • Priority($75)– Will be listed in the next 24 hours
      • Featured listing($350)– Priority listing + Press release. 
    • Link: 
  5. 5
    Bitcoin Chaser

    • Description: 
      This website provides its readers with useful educational content to get started with cryptocurrency as well as the latest news. You can read about the various ICOs and also subscribe or submit details of any blockchain event. 
    • Pricing:
      You will need to contact them in order get your event listed on their website.
    • Link:
  6. 6

    • Description: 
      CryptoBriefing is also one of the go-to place for the most up=to-date information regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency. They also feature a very well organized event list on their website as well.
    • Pricing:
      You can contact them to get your event listed on their website.
    • Link: 
  7. 7

    • Description: 
      This is a website dedicated solely to listing crypto events all around the world. They alert their subscribers about an upcoming event via telegram and twitter bots. It is due to this unique feature, they have managed to attract a considerably large user base. You can also submit the details of an event directly on their website.
    • Pricing:
      Your event will be reviewed and listed for free on this website.
    • Link: 
  8. 8

    • Description: 
      This website not only lists new blockchain events but also the latest cryptocurrency prices and news. You can get your event listed on this website by submitting the details. It will take 24 hrs in order to review and update your event. They also provide premium service which entitles your event to be marketed by them.
    • Pricing:
      • Normal event listing– Free.
      • Premium event partnership– N/A
    • Link: 
  9. 9

    • Description: 
      You will find the latest and the most trusted quality crypto news on this website. Submitting details of an event on this website is quite a straightforward process and your event normally won’t take much time to get listed either.
    • Pricing:
      They offer free event listing service to event organizer.
    • Link:
  10. 10

    • Description: 
      Another highly trusted crypto website where you can find the latest crypto news is Cointelegraph. They also have a dedicated event section where you can find out information about the latest crypto events as well as submit details of your own event.
    • Pricing:
    • Link:

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