It is reported that NEO recently revealed that a $100 million funding initiative called NeoEcoBoost would be injected into the Neo ecosystem to activate seed projects and boost the overall growth of the blockchain. The primary aim of this funding is to activate seed projects, support dApp growth on the blockchain, further develop infrastructure, and improve institutional collaboration.

On June 17th 2019, NEO will attend the Chain Plus Blockchain Digital Game Innovation Summit hosted by The Blockchainer and GMGC in Beijing. With this $100 million to find excellent projects and provide ecological and market opportunities with technical support!

What’s more, J&C Capital, as boutique investment bank brand which belongs to multi-nodal incubator plus—The Blockchainer, will also launch a $10 Million Blockchain Gaming Fund which is also aiming to activate quality game projects. This is really a golden opportunity for good projects that are looking for investment.

This Blockchain Digital Game Innovation Summit is the largest and most influential blockchain game industry event with professional hackathon based on blockchain games theme with beauty and beast. It’s a big show with 10,000+ audiences, 100+ investors, global 30+ countries and regions, 100+ speakers, 3000+ enterprises participated in the conference, and there are the best quality blockchain game project demonstrations, and the most professional blockchain game experience sharing.

Click http://www.chainplus-me.comfor more info!

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