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BitTorrent and Tron Announce their first Child together – BLive



  • BitTorrent and Tron announce the Alpha testing of BLive Streaming Platform
  • BLive is a platform to live stream video and audio content 
  • It is currently still under development and is expected to commercially release in Q3 2020

BLive – Create Content with Passion

BitTorrent, the world’s biggest peer-to-peer content sharing platform, which was acquired by Tron in July 2018, just released first details about their collaborative platform BitTorrent Live (BLive) . BLive will be a live streaming platform where users can share live videos on the internet and be paid in BTT for their contribution. BTT or BitTorrent Token is the native token of the BitTorrent client issued on the Tron Blockchain. 

The BitTorrent platform announced on 28th August about the commencement of Internal Testing of the BLive platform and claim that it “will open a whole new world of opportunities for content creators and users”. Users and creators will be able to share audio and video, transfer BTT, do instant messaging and much more. The plan is to integrate a blockchain platform, Tron in this case, to increase privacy and ownership rights and allow for greater flexibility when it comes to broadcasting and receiving rewards.

“With a billion-level user base, BLive is set to bring disruptive effects to the current mainstream livestream platforms which are under centralized management; providing global users with decentralized audio and video livestream entertainment services”, says BitTorrent in their official announcement.

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First Signs of Developent from the Tron-BitTorrent Partnership

This is the first major announcement from BitTorrent since it was brought under the umbrella of the Tron Foundation earlier last year. There have been several controversies and allegations about what actually BitTorrent means for the Tron Foundation, as they just seemed to have released a native token. BLive might prove to change that view and show the community real use cases. 

There has been a major debate about the similarities between BLive and the Brave platform, wherein users of both the platform use a native token (BAT and BTT) to tip content creators for their hard work. Although the scope of Brave seems to be much bigger, it remains to be seen what the capabilities of BLive are. 

The alpha testing is now open and will be carried out till the BitTorrent team feels it is commercially usable. If all goes well, BLive will be open for Beta testing in Q1 2020 and hopefully release the final public version in Q3 2020. 

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