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Bitcoin.com CEO: Future of Crypto Is Brighter Than Ever


Bitcoin.com’s Roger Ver recently appeared for an interview with Bloomberg where he talked about the slumping price of digital currencies. Roger Ver believes that the future of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is bright, despite the current market sentiment.

Ver was asked whether he thought the value of Bitcoin had reached a floor yet, considering Bitcoin has fallen around 80% from its all-time highs. Ver stated that nobody knows, and that’s what makes cryptocurrencies so exciting, stating:

“Nobody knows. That’s part of the excitement of cryptocurrencies, nobody knows if it’s going to go up, down or sideways in the short term.”

Ver believes that “long-term the future is brighter than ever,” for cryptocurrencies, adding that there’s “more awareness,” “more adoption,” and “more stuff happening all over the world.”

When asked whether the crypto industry is being undermined because of frauds and hacks, he noted that the fact that the hackers are trying to steal crypto suggest that they see value in the coins. When asked about the FSA in Japan and regulations, Ver said that the people who have knowledge about the industry are the ones who work in the industry.

Ver was then asked whether he though exchange hacks and Ponzi schemes have impacted the credibility of cryptocurrencies. He stated that the hacks may have actually brought additional awareness, saying that “If it [cryptocurrencies] wasn’t worth anything or wasn’t useful, hackers wouldn’t be wasting their time trying to hack it.”

According to Ver, Bitcoin’s goals from day one, as is the goal of Bitcoin Cash and recent rival Bitcoin SV. Ver wished his opposing camp “good luck.”

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“I wish every cryptocurrency good luck if they’re trying to bring more economic freedom to the world by making them useful as currencies for the world,” Ver added.